Bags of potatoes ready to be identified with a Citronix printer

Does the Citronix meet your marking and coding needs in agriculture?

These printers can be used in the most demanding coding and marking applications, such as the agriculture and food industry. Their inkjet printing system allows you to print varied messages on a ton of different products.

The printer that can do it all

No matter your production type, the tracking norms require that you stamp on a lot of information such as :

  • A lot or reference number for the tracking
  • expiration and production dates
  • and the name of your suppliers in certain cases

The Citronix printers, very versatile, can answer all your needs for agricultural marking. The models ci5300, ci5500 et ci5650 in sterling steel all adapted in the food industry.

Here is a small portion of what it can do:

Print on multiple types of products

Whatever your product may be, the Citronix inkjet systems can print on them. Whether it be for paper or plastic bags, styrofoam trays or plastic crates, or even on irregular surfaces, it is possible to print the necessary information to respect the norms and regulations in place.

Plastic trays filled with strawberries ready to be identified.

Citronix printers are so versatile that a single printer can print a variety of data on different materials.

Print font of different sizes

The Citronix printheads printer is half an inch high no matter the model. By combining numerous heads and by offering different characters to print 1 to 5 lines in that half-inch, it is possible to vary the font size according to your needs. Their continuous inkjet systems can therefore mark big potato sacks as much as delicate eggs with the same precision.

Use the ink most adapted to your needs

The Citronix printers can be combined with a great variety of inks. From food-grade acetone-based ink to coloured ink or thermochromatic, everything's possible! You can also choose an ink adapted to materials and the necessary dry-time to ensure the smooth running of your production.

Make sure you choose an ink that is suitable for the materials used and the drying time you have available.

Change from one production to the other

The Citronix is so versatile that the same printer can print different data on different materials and change quickly. Their intuitive touch screen allows you to print logos, graphics, QR codes and continuous numbering on all your agricultural products.

Their exploitation system even allows you to access their databases online to automate all your production.

For example: we can automate the message change with the help of a programmable controller that we'll network with an Excel database, and thus without an operator's intervention to change the message adapted to the product in the production line.

Consider all your marking options

Of course, tracking solutions vary in function of many factors such as:

  • the number of lines printed
  • the budget
  • the production speed
  • the communication method with the printer
  • etc.

A badly adapted solution could slow down your production, degrade quickly or even ruin your products. This is why DMS keeps in stock different brands that could also suit you.

A label printer-applicator in action.


If you need to identify big cardboard boxes (for example, to send in businesses), the FoxJet systems will satisfy you.

For an entirely automated solution, you can opt for a print and apply labelling device such as the LS1700. Otherwise, you can save on labels and ribbon costs by printing directly on the cardboard with the ProSeries FoxJet printheads, that allow you to print characters up to 4 inch high.

Squid Ink

As for the Squid Ink systems, they are often privileged for projects needing a greater resolution. With Squid Ink, we can even print the list of ingredients and the nutritional values on the transformed products. With its hyper-performant graphic interface, the Copilot 500 is the ideal inkjet system for this type of high-quality printing.

Let's find the right solution for your agricultural production

Optimize your agricultural production line with a coding, marking, labelling or printing system specifically adapted to your products. We always take into consideration your budget, your needs and the systems you already have on-site. Don't hesitate to contact us for an expert evaluation.