Benefits of Squid Ink impression systems

Benefits of Squid Ink impression systems

Squid ink is a low-maintenance coding and marking system that serves for the identification and traçability of products. They also create a complete range of superior quality inks that meet the requirements of different industries. Their inkjet and laser printing systems are used in industries such as food and beverage, construction products, medical and pharmaceutical products, consumer goods and several other manufactured products.

Squid Ink inkjet printers

An industrial inkjet printer

The Inkjet printers should be privileged when printing detailed messages, barre codes and logos on materials such as :

  • PVC
  • non-porous boxes (such as glossy white boxes)
  • corrugated cardboard boxes
  • wood pallets
  • and many more construction products

Choosing the equipment and the ink will depend on the substrate to be marked. Either way, Squid Ink products are designed to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to your industrial applications.

Automation possibility

Firstly, know that these coding and marking software make the programming and the message saving as easy as 1,2,3. With the Orion software, the user can connect easily to the CoPilot printers.

The software can be installed on a tablet, which allows you to create folders for inkjet printing with the help of a powerful graphic interface. We can also connect this tablet to a database and automate everything to limit human interventions during the printing process.

A CD containing the Orion software from Squid Ink

Varied inks

It is good to know that Squid Ink offers a great variety of high resolution and durable ink for coding and marking. Thus, be assured that you'll be able to find an option of your taste throughout the selection.

You can also count on our team of experts to find the best solution from their complete line of replacement fluids. We can calculate your monthly consumption and plan your deliveries in advance so that you never run out of ink and your production can keep moving forward.

Superior graphics

Examples of barcodes and logos printed on boxes.

These printers make it possible to produce crystal clear messages. These marking systems are ideal for printing detailed and high-quality logos. You can even go as far as printing a complete PDF without a hitch.

Everyone knows the consequences of printing barcodes in low resolutions: they are sometimes unreadable and it becomes impossible to scan them. Therefore, the code loses all its effectiveness. The same thing happens when using inks that do not dry quickly enough before personnel handles the products.

With Squid Ink, assure yourself peace of mind by having in hand the best solution range to print perfect barcodes, that are readable and will dry quickly.

Font size of your choice

Additionally, the Squid Ink systems are ideal to print big fonts. We can even align many heads to print bigger. Depending on the models, the biggest size possible is :

Ask our team to help you choose the right inkjet system for the size you want to print

Our technicians can easily analyze your products and your needs to advise you to the best solution in function of the desired font size.

Low maintenance and durability

The Squid Ink printers have an average life expectancy of 6 years. And when they start getting rusty, all you need to do is change the impression heads that are defaulted to give them a second life to your machine.

Furthermore, they are created to need low maintenance and they're extremely resistant. In fact, this robust equipment can tolerate extreme heat ( up to 35 degrees) and cold temperatures up to 5 degrees ( after which a heating cabinet will be needed).

Squid Ink laser printers

An expiration date printed on a cane with a Squid Ink laser printer.

Scared of ink messes? The laser printers are clean, because they don't require ink, and so no dry time. They can mark permanently paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, wood, metal, leather and much more.

Benefits of laser printers:

  • Permanent marking at high speed
  • A clean impression
  • No dry time
  • No need to change the fluids
  • No product contamination risk
  • Printing speed like no other
  • Workers won't be bothered by the ink smell
  • Possible to print very subtle details
  • Possible to print on very fragile surfaces such as eggs or yogurt covers

Laser printers do not require ink, so no drying time

Of course, you’ll still need to make sure to change the lens and filter every year. You will also have to follow the safety rules and take appropriate precautions (such as the appropriate glasses, or place the printer in a protective cage).

We help you stand out

Our specialists take into consideration all the parameters specific to your production to help you choose the best printing system to meet your needs. Additionally, at DMS, we make sure to offer the best after-sale service.