A cardboard box identified for sending thanks to a FoxJet printer

5 reasons to opt for FoxJet for corporate marking

The FoxJet marking and coding products are resistant, reparable, automated, economic and facilitate the resolution of technical problems.

The FoxJet printers are principally used to identify cardboard boxes, whether directly on the box or with a print and apply machine. However, they don't leave their place in the food industry, construction and even in agriculture. The benefits of these products are numerous. Discover why entrepreneurs who choose them are always satisfied with their choice.

A FoxJet printer in action printing on a cardboard box.

Here's why you should opt for FoxJet printers:

1. They can be repaired and are resistant

Did you know certain printing technologies are considered non-reparable? This means that if the printing head doesn't work anymore, your only option is to change it. That isn't the case with the FoxJet inkjet printers, which have high-quality printheads that can be repaired directly at the DMS workshop.

You can count on our technicians to do the reparation.

A FoxJet printer schematic that shows how to disassemble it to repair it.

The products are luxurious and if they are maintained properly (we recommend annual maintenance), they have a longer life expectancy. Furthermore, they have the capacity to resist the harshest of conditions.

2. They are automated

The FoxJet Marksman Elite controllers have a Windows operating system, which allows you to automate your processes in several ways.

You can:

  • Create the messages to be printed directly from the contrôler;
  • import your logo, pictograms or information to be printed;
  • put the computer in the network to go get information on a database;
  • connect a scanner that will read barcodes before printing, therefore eliminating the need for an operator to manipulate thus avoiding human errors.

These different options could allow you to save time in the workforce and let your team concentrate on what truly counts for your company: your production.

3. They facilitate the resolution of technical problems

If your printer were to have a malfunction, the ensuing production stoppages could become costly. Fortunately, the FoxJet controllers, equipped with a Windows operating system, can communicate with the help of Teamviewer, which would allow one of our technicians to help you resolve the issue quickly and from a distance.

A FoxJet printer controller with a Windows operating system

4. They are economical

These printers are very economical in their ink consumption. For example, to print in 4 to 6 inches, the printing cost is about 0, 003 cents!

You then obtain profitability like no other and reduce your exploitation costs. Invest more in your product and your company without blowing your budget in print!

Printing costs for FoxJet products are amongst the lowest on the market

5. They are 100% electrical

Foxjet offers certain types of printers, such as the print and apply device in electrical format. You might be wondering why certain entrepreneurs prefer electric machines? Those who've switched to the electric FoxJet machines have noted many positive changes such as:

  • A smooth operation: the operation does not require compressed air, pneumatic or compressor.
  • No performance variation: the absence of a compressor eliminates the pressure drops that sometimes cause printers to perform differently.
  • Equipment always dry: water used in pneumatic systems can sometimes damage equipment or create condensation.

DMS offers all services

At DMS, we offer maintenance, repair and supply services for most of our printer models. You can get your ink directly at our Longueuil warehouse or we can deliver. It is even possible to calculate your usual ink consumption and plan monthly delivery.