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Industrial markers for steel, glass and plastic

Mark on steel, glass, auto parts, plastic, oily films and other surfaces with our industrial markers designed with opaque, quick-dry pigment ink. Resistant to color fading and extreme temperatures.

  • Aluminum valve markers
  • Interchangeable bevelled tips
  • 30% more ink than other markers
  • Ball-tip ink dispersal (more rapid ink flow)
  • Indelible and resistant to color fading

Strong paint markers

Mark on cardboard, leather, textiles, metal and smooth, uneven, oily or dry surfaces, etc. You can even mark under water.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Quick dry
  • Permanent on boxes, wood, plastic, etc.

Paint markers for galvinizers

Do you galvinize your materials? Our industrial marking paint is quick-dry, weather resistant and can write on rusty, humid, oily, uneven, dry or smooth surfaces. Designed to dissolve during the acid bath prior to galvinization, they leave your surface clean for the plating process.

UV markers

For quality control or security applications, choose UV markers, the ink of which only appears under a blue light. For use on non porous surfaces. Drying time: 45-60 seconds. Learn more about our entire line of markers.

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