Ecofriendly products and packaging, identification options

Ecologically responsible companies: eco-friendly identification and packaging products

The eco-friendly movement extends to industrial identification that now offers more and more ecologically responsible identification and consumable solutions to meet growing consumer demand.

Packaging that respects business philosophy

The global movement of ecological responsibility that has been in full force over the past few years is influencing all aspects of consumer habits: plastic is rejected more and more in favor of biodegradable and reusable options and consumers are increasingly critical when it comes to the composition of the products they buy.

According to the Baromètre de la consommation écoresponsable 2017, 84.2% of respondents have high expectations towards companies in terms of respecting the environment. Not to mention that:

  • 80.1% of respondents are more likely to choose a company whose commercial activities respect the environment;
  • 61.1% chose the least toxic product when given two equivalent product options;
  • 51.8% favored products with less packaging;
  • 52.8% favored the purchase of biodegradable products.

When consumer habits change, companies are forced to do the same: many of our clients produce and sell eco-friendly products and are seeking packaging solutions that follow that philosophy.

Some innovations such as biodegradable containers and labels, more ecologically responsible ink and recycled cardboard have already made their appearance in the marking and labeling domain to respond to consumer expectations and the demands of companies who wish to improve their practices.

Made up of 95% flax and 5% hemp, inkREADible Labels Limited labels are 100% compostable.

Compostable sticker labels made from sugar cane

Despite the desire to reduce product packaging to a strict minimum, marking remains a requirement. Two main options area available to you: labeling or printing. Stick-on labels in industrial labeling are usually made of plastic, making cardboard packaging non-recyclable once identified.

To circumvent this problem, some companies have launched ecologically responsible products to please consumers. For example, the company inkREADible Labels Limited makes stick-on labels from sugar cane for product identification. Made of 95% flax and 5% hemp, these labels are 100% compostable and are available in a satin or glossy finish, according to your needs. They are especially practical for business owners who want to offer products and packaging that are both eco-friendly.

Ecologically responsible product printing: eco-friendly ink

If you choose to identify your products with a direct print method, eco-friendly options are available to you, too.

We have been talking for some time about an ecological ink made by Squid Ink that has just made its entrance onto the market: it contains no mineral oil and almost no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dangerous ingredients or dangerous atmospheric pollutants.

This ink is one of the options that we offer for printing on your porous surfaces (it will not dry on slick surfaces such as plastic or metal).

The eco-friendly ink made by Squid Ink contains no mineral oil and practically no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Ecological printers and label applicators

Not only can your consumables be eco-friendly (labels and inks), but your equipment can be, too. Here are some interesting printers and label applicators from an energy saving and environmentally respectful perspective.

Thermal printer HSF-2000

The HSF-2000 thermal printer allows direct printing on bags, for example potato bags, without having to apply stick-on labels. The bags then become 100% recyclable, greatly reducing the use of raw materials in packaging.

Label applicator LS6000

The LS6000 label applicator stands out thanks to its very low energy consumption and entirely electric functioning. Its energy-saving qualities do not affect its efficiency in any way as it can apply up to 110 labels per minute.

The HSF-2000 thermal printer allows direct printing on bags, making them 100% recyclable.

Choose solutions that are both economical and ecological

Our team is on the cutting edge in terms of ecologically responsible printing, labeling and packaging. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to offer products that are 100% ecologically responsible, from the initial design to final packaging.