Continuous ink printing on pharmaceutical products

3 benefits to continuous inkjet printing systems for your production lines

Continous inkjet printers are fast and versatile. In addition, the ink dries instantly. Check out the 3 main benefits that this system offers your production lines.

1st benefit: continuous inkjet marking systems are fast

Continuous industrial inkjet printers are among the fastest. Especially when used on 24/7 production lines, some printers such as the Citronix can reach maximum speeds of 2,090 feet of printing per minute.

Such speed is essential for identifying products in domains such as the food or pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmaceutical products are printed continuously on a production line

Print up to 2,090 feet per minute with the Citronix continuous inkjet printing system.

2nd benefit: the ink dries almost immediately

High-speed printer rhymes with high-performance ink.

The MEK-based ink used in continuous printing systems adheres and dries rapidly, almost immediately following application on all surfaces such as wood, metal, cardboard, plastic and polyethylene. Food-grade MEK-based ink is just as efficient on food.

Ink drying immediately with a continuous industrial inkjet printer

3rd benefit: continuous inkjet printers are highly versatile

Continuous inkjet printing is generally done directly on products that are often irregularly shaped, rather than packaging and boxes that are usually smooth. In addition, the variety of available ink options (for food, with ethanol, for plastic, alcohol resistant, against UV rays, washable, etc.) makes continuous inkjet printing an interesting solution for all types of applications, no matter the industry.

As you may have guessed, the strength of this kind of printing is the wide versatility and superior adaptability to most products that needs identification, whether it is a tiny, porous gel capsule or a heavy potato bag that is smooth and shapeless.

High versatility comes with its share of configurations and tests. When clients need to choose their continuous inkjet printer, it's important for us to analyze their production and configure the system the best way possible.

Tiny medicine capsules or potato bags: continuous inkjet printers are the most versatile.

Take great care in choosing the right continuous ink system

Depending on the message to be printed, the way in which you want to change it and your production environment, various printing options are available to you. Not to mention that the wrong continuous printing system may slow your production lines, make you waste time on training and change the quality of your identification.

To avoid any problems, take great care when verifying your best options and choosing the right continuous industrial inkjet printer model with the help of our advisors. They are there to guide you in the process!

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