Adjusting to the unexpected: how Quebec-based businesses reinvented themselves during the coronavirus pandemic

Adjusting to the unexpected: how Quebec-based businesses reinvented themselves during the coronavirus pandemic

Learn more about the various situations Quebec-based businesses have had to face during the pandemic: companies that have had to respond to growing demand, others who have had to review their processes rapidly and others who have seen little change in demand. Discover how DMS has been able to help these kinds of businesses in facing the crisis.

How has COVID-19 affected Quebec-based businesses?

The coronavirus health crisis has touched many Quebec-based businesses that were compelled to show resilience and flexibility in adapting to the situation.

Some businesses saw increased demand for their products and needed to increase their production as a result of these extraordinary circumstances. Others saw their production slow down and had to adapt through creativity. Even those who escaped with relatively stable production had to make some adjustments.

Businesses that saw increased demand due to COVID-19

Workers wearing masks in a factory.

As Quebeckers, we can be proud of the initiatives targeted to promote buying locally and pulling together to face adversity. However, it has been difficult for certain local companies to respond to the growing demand for Quebec-based products.

Indeed, though some companies have had the benefit of working in a high-demand industry during the crisis, the need for labour remains a major issue. Also, production lines needed to be adapted for physical distancing which forced businesses to have fewer employees on the floor at one time. The situation thus required faster production with fewer employees.

Whether to cover a labour shortage or to respect physical distancing measures, DMS can help you increase production speed at an affordable cost by automating certain sections of your production lines. It is important to buy the right machines, at the right price. Benefit from our extensive expertise and our custom solutions for thermal or inkjet printing, coding and industrial marking for identifying all your products.

Businesses that had to adapt quickly in response to the coronavirus

By keeping the same marking equipment

During the first few months of the health crisis, numerous DMS clients made a complete switch in terms of their mission and types of fabrication. For example, some businesses were able to join the cause and turned to the manufacturing of masks and/or hand sanitizer. But what about adjusting the marking of these products?

Because the equipment we offer is highly versatile, some companies were able to keep the same equipment to completely transform their production.

In fact, our inkjet marking systems print just as well on glass as plastic, paper, aluminum and various other types of materials. They can mark large product boxes or very small vials, and with the same accuracy. In addition, most marking systems offer an intuitive touch screen. This makes it very easy to change what will be printed to mark various data such as business name, product name, serial number, date, etc.

If, like some companies, you have new products, we can guide you in testing your production line to verify the performance required for equipment that you already own and which may need to be reorganized. If you want to prepare for a future crisis, learn more by contacting our specialized advisors who will help you invest in versatile equipment that is adaptable to your products as well as future extraordinary circumstances.

DMS offers highly versatile equipment: some companies were able to keep the same equipment while transforming their production.

By adjusting or changing some parts and equipment

a young woman installing an industrial printer.

Other companies that launched into the production of hand sanitizers simply needed a small production line to mark lot numbers and a date. Because we have conveyors and inkjet systems already in stock, they were able to become function very quickly.

DMS can identify your needs and help you adjust or change production methods. We can also take the equipment you already own and adapt it or add elements such as a label applicator to identify new merchandise.

Businesses with relatively stable production during the pandemic

Even for those businesses with relatively stable production, the coronavirus introduced various new challenges: working remotely, physical distancing, digital switchover, online sales and even the creation of crisis management plans.

Adapting production lines after COVID-19 (evolving into a more digital world)

Boxes with labels on a conveyor.

The health crisis also accelerated the transition towards digital that was already underway. Many companies that were pushing back remote working and online sales were forced to move quickly. Other industries observed a spectacular increase in online sales.

Factories across Quebec were forced to optimize their packaging and accelerate order shipment by mail to protect their sales figures.

If you are just starting in the online sales world or you simply want to make mail shipments more efficient, you can count on the efficiency of our products to identify your boxes. DMS has everything you need in stock for quick installation of numerous options for shipping and handling equipment at a reasonable cost.

Preparing crisis management strategies

Over the past few months, Quebec-based companies have begun a race against the clock to make their operations more secure and also prepare for any future possibilities.

Obviously, you must protect your employees by allowing them to respect the 2-metre distance, but you must also organize your work in such a way as to protect your production line if eventually your employees are contaminated. DMS advisors can help you reorganize your production lines to limit the spread of the virus and also protect your cruising speed in the case of disaster. Contact us to learn more about the options available to you.

You want to quickly adapt or implement a marking system on your production line?

When you call on us, we evaluate your needs and the unique challenges for your production in order to find the best system and make it adaptable to all possibilities.

We have everything you need in stock to serve you rapidly and avoid delivery delays. You can be sure that the installation of your printing or labelling solution will be fast and with minimum interruption to your production so you can continue to produce in these crucial times.

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