A specialist repairs an industrial printer in a facility

5 ways to reduce down time due to industrial printers

An industrial printer rarely malfunctions without cause. Down times are often caused by mistakes in use, installation, maintenance, repair or the initial choice of equipment. See 5 simple ways to reduce down times caused by your printer.

1. Learn how to use your printing system properly

What is misuse when it comes to a printer? Imagine that your operators do not know how to change the message to print, which means your production line starts at 8 a.m. instead of 7 a.m. You would lose an hour of production simply because of a knowledge gap.

Misuse of a printer may also be caused by mechanical issues. For example, a change in ink could lead to a blockage in the print head. The line would thus have to be shut down and you would lose money.

An employee who does not handle the printer correctly could accidentally drop it on the floor and break it.

Using the industrial printing system correctly:

The best way to avoid down time caused by printer misuse is to train employees properly. We offer this option with all new device installations and we will even return to train new employees if you have employee turnover.

Think about it: it will eliminate a great deal of down time on your production line!

2. Make sure printers are installed properly

Sometimes, the printer is poorly located or installed, which forces production line down time due to avoidable incidents or problems.

Too close to a busy area in your plant, the printer can easily get hit by a forklift employee, for example. In addition, some models that are sensitive to vibrations cannot be installed on a conveyor: the vibrations could damage or disrupt internal print head components. Thus, there are a few guidelines to follow when it comes to the location and installation of your printers.

To ensure your printers are well installed:

Call on professionals to install your devices. When we collaborate with you, we analyze your plant and your environment. We install equipment in compliance with your production line and we perform printing tests.

You are ensured that the device is well located so your team is as efficient as possible and so that there will be no accidents or disturbances.

The best way to avoid down times caused by improper printer use is adequate employee training.

3. Schedule printing equipment maintenance

The years pass and we forget that our equipment has not received maintenance. Then when a breakage or problem of some kind appears it can be very costly.

How to maintain printing equipment properly:

We can plan a maintenance schedule with you in advance for your industrial printing equipment according to your normal use. Our common calendar allows us to plan maintenance appointments at key times that will not interrupt your production. That is to say, when we know in advance when your production is shut down.

In addition, you won't have to think about anything: we will call in advance to remind you.

4. Choose a local repairman for industrial printers

When our industrial printer supplier does not offer technical support in Quebec, repair times are longer. Our production is thus shut down and every minute is costly.

For efficient, affordable and local repairs:

In addition to being local, our emergency repair services are available 24/7 all year long to best serve you.

We repair your equipment on site or in our workshop, depending on the problem. During repairs, we also offer a low-cost borrowing service so your operations can continue.

Stop paying for avoidable down time.

5. Choose a printing system that fits your facility

Sometimes you will be forced to stop your production because of a device that is not well adapted to your plant: it's too cold, too damp, too dusty... Not to mention that some devices are designed for specific maximal operation speeds or message speed.

There are a lot of criteria to think about and sometimes it's hard to choose among all the options available.

Choosing the right printing system:

The best strategy is to consult experts like us who know all the devices at the tip of their fingers.

For example, we know that if you wash down your plant with large quantities of water, you will need a mobile printer or a protective cabinet. We also know that if your work environment is very cold, you will need heated cabinets to stabilize device temperature.

We know all the challenges for production plant product identification and we adapt to the reality of each and every client for the past 40 years.

Benefit from our services to reduce your down times

Stop paying for avoidable down time. Contact us so that together we can find the best printing system for your business, and let us help you use, install, maintain and repair them efficiently.

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